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Everything is Connected

Here we have a left handed #vegetarian man who has become eternal. His #words, #works, and #wisdom will forever resonate through the sands of #time. Yet, if a conversation of this man were to be brought up, some people in this day and age may think one is talking of Tom Hanks. This saddens me that #society has lost touch with #reality and #history. Living in a false #illusion of marketed garbage f...orce fed into our #brains by what is seen on #television, heard on the #radio, read in a glamourized junk #magazines, or by our ever so popular #misinformed social media. To see things differently, it has been told "think outside the box." Well I have decided that there is no box for me. I burne

Set Your Own Standard

😇 People tend to fear what they do not know. Yet the knowledge is a Google search away, they rather live in a fantasy world created by ego and opinion rather than see the truth. One must question why? Is it that we care so much of stranger's opinions that we conform to society's set standards. Yet, celebrities and politicians do not follow this standard. They set their own, and we accept them as different to us? Yet we are all human and there is nothing that truly separates us. Other than the false reality that the majority have created and idolized these false diety God's with worship and praise for no other reason than we are made to believe so by the industry they are also slaves of. If

It Only Takes One Man

All of this was done by ONE instilling ideologies of fear into the people, he was able to control them all. Manipulate the masses and many did not question anything. There were but a few who did, at the risk of losing their own life. By sitting back and allowing it to happen again, do we proclaim innocence? What team do we choose? Team darkness or Team Light? We must find the courage that... lies within the depths of our souls to step out of our comfort zone and learn the truth. If one cannot answer who am I, why am I here, and what is my purpose? Then what does one truly know? The more knowledge I gain, is the less I know, but the wiser I become. It is our duty to self educate and

Question Everything

If the heliocentric model of Earth is spinning 1000mph. Gravity holds everything in place. A force that one object attracts all objects to other objects. Originally what was thought of gravity, should prove to be true. Falling apples aside.😒 We all have our own gravitational pull, so it is said. On the "moon landing", they tested a theory of Galileo and dropped a hammer and a feather and it fell a...t the same speed due to the lack of air. Yet the flag was waving and stood upright? Einstein said gravity is the distortion of the shape in space-time. The 4th dimension. #curious #whatgoesoninmyhead #fibonaccispiral #gravity #density #atmosphericpressure #geocentric #heliocentric #whatsthetruth

Law of Resistance

In my journey, I have discovered that thoughts are just like our words and carry #energy and #vibrations. Sometimes we put road blocks in front of our #destiny without even knowing it. By setting forth the thought, for example. "I really want a new #car. But I don't have enough #money for it." One has now automatically told the #universe to stop you from getting that car and to keep you with no mo...ney. You see, the universe does not know about can't, not, dont, won't and all these other similar words. It's like a #computer that works on #algorithms; #mathematical #equations. Let's say when you want to open a file on your computer, you click it and it opens, but if you click the wrong file,

Find the Lie

For we tend to #lie to ourselves so very much, that we find it hard to find our truth. But as #history and #life continue to repeat one lesson to us over and over, the #truth will always prevail. Find your truth my friends, for it hides the raw beauty and true potential of your #soul within. #lionofjudahtruth

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