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What Is For Me, Is For Me.

"For what is for me will never ever pass me, for what JaH maketh from me, will always return home to me. From my bone, she comes with magic, overflowing in every way. What will regrow, is now her own, that hath made her so perfect in thy eyes this day." April 1st 2019 New Music Video Strangers in a Strange Land feat @church_of_perch #AcousticGuitar #BeachLife #Lionorder🦁#LionofJudahTruth #SitdownSerpent#NewMusicVideo #NewMusic #Reggae#PacificBeachRock #RockBack #BeachBummersFL


Empathy is the ability to put aside your ego, step into someone else’s shoes and experience their emotions. When we do this, we create connection. The number one emotional need we all have is for connection. The issue with putting aside the ego, is doing one's best to remember that it is there still, still feeding off of doubts and fears. Bringing up concerns that have no progress but rather detrimental setbacks. One can know if they are living via the ego or via their soul very simply. One must ask them self a series of easy questions that one must be honest with them self. -Am I doing this for the attention of others or for myself? - Are my actions selfish or selfless? - Why would someone

Rastafari Reigns: Christ in His Kingly Character

eposted from @empressjeanille - RASTAFARI REIGNS: CHRIST IN HIS KINGLY CHARACTER 👑🇪🇹💫✨📡🌎 There is nothing better one can leaVe behind than a worthy and memorable name. Where are We to looK for Our surViVal, for the answers to the Questions which haVe NEVER before been posed? We MUST looK first to AlmightyGOD, Who has Raised man aboVe the animals and endowed him with intelligence & reason. We MUST put OurFaith in HIM, that He will NOT desert Us or permit Us to destroy humanity which He created in His image. We must looK into OurselVes into the depths of Our SOULS. We must become something we haVe NEVER been and for which Our education & eXperience & enVironment haVe ill prepared Us..


To have complete confidence and trust in someone or something. In reality, it is a response to God's initiative, a theological #virtue. One that cannot be achieved by human effort. An act of #JaH and a response of man. Many boast of their strong faith yet in truth, it is weak and surface level. For they depend on their own mind rather than the all knowing mind of their#creator. We now know that consciousness is what makes up the universe yet we cannot physically touch it. We can visually see it in the night sky in its grand design and mathematical precision, yet still cannot be near it. One's #faith must be like the trusting of a WiFi or cell phone signal. We know it exists yet we c


To sit in #stillness and be stillness while the mind is still and no thought exists except the thought of nothingness. No thing around can distract or cause reaction for it does not exist. As the reality we share as individuals is no longer physically view able or felt, one can then finally start to give thanks and praise. Do you think JaH can hear us through all the other thoughts in our mind, which one does he listen to? All of course. So be specific, be direct, but clear but do not be loud and confused. When the mind is silenced, one can then start to ask questions and only then will one truly hear the soul responses. The vibrations start to cover one's body like a blanket of energy falli


How does one express #awareness to the most precious of creatures that do not know how beautiful and perfect they already are? I revert back to childhood and my favourite novel and movie #PeterPan If one was as experienced and travelled as Pan is, though still a child at heart, how would Pan discuss deeper subjects with Tinkerbell? The light that allows him to fly. For without Tinkerbell's fairy dust, Pan could not fly. Well Tink, I believe it would start with this. Awareness is key and the people in our lives must be aware if they want to continue to be in our lives. If not, they will bring us down and that is the sadness of it all. For we must forgive them still, for they know not. They ar


#Humility is the #leadership quality of taking the brunt of the blame when things go south and giving away the majority of the credit when things go well. The leader who practices humility will never ask anyone to do what they themselves cannot do. Humility is leading from a position of service. So many times one may forget the act of selflessness and be stuck in patterns of selfishness. Egoical thought processes may make one want to brag about their feats. "Why boast when it gets you no where?" - Miguel Orlando Collins •Sizzla Kalonji•Dadda• Be humble in one's service, but most importantly, make sure one is not in service to man but rather their creator. #NobodyBiggerThanJah #NoFilterNeede


There is only one that is capable of creating such perfection and beauty, yet the uneducated call it chance. #SitDownSerpent #LionOrder🦁 #LionofJudahTruth #BeachBummersFl #NobodyBiggerThanJaH


Staying true to yourself and standing by someone else’s side when they face adversity is mastery of#loyalty. Never giving up on someone, no matter how hard it gets, for as long as it takes: that is the true measure of any great relationship. Loyalty is easy to practice. As one is loyal to their creator, they tend to see the ease of their actions reflect in their day to day lives. It is not hard to be loyal, but make sure one is loyal to the correct people. #ClearwaterSunsets #LionOrder🦁#LionofJudahTruth #clearwaterbeach #BeachBummersFL #sandpearlresort


Did you know you can’t be resentful and #grateful at the same time? Try it. To be truly grateful is to consider all the gifts you have been given and to understand that no matter what, there is always something for which to be grateful. For example, when music is the only thing on one's mind and being present takes a back seat. One may put on two different sides of a shoe. Then make their way to the store and instead of being mad or embarrassed, one can be grateful that they even have two pairs of shoes to mix up. For many say they are grateful but do they truly give thanks for the roof over their head, the running water, the food on their table, the clothes on their back and the unconditio

What is more advanced than the Infinite Consciousness of JaH ?

Those #social archetypes that give the illusion of necessity is crumbling before us. The false #leaders of whom one would trust in and give their energy to is now being removed from the clean hearted individuals. For those who see through the lies and deceit of others, using your #energy to take them to the front of the line. What line are they racing to get ahead of? Death? You see, there are no lines in the spiritual world. There is no waiting for your turn. Your vision will always be a whisper and will never be taken into consideration wholeheartedly. There is no one else that will take your vision and make it a reality unless they themself have a similar vision. They them self are

The Four Agreements

To teach the children to live with the highest of intentions, the cleanest of heart and purest of thought is not an easy work in this day and age. For the children are surrounded by quite the opposite and it is shown how dumbed down the world has truly become by it. As anyone with eyes can see. Though, not by their own choice or fault but by the manipulations and deceit that is fed to them everyday. Some just do not know better and refuse to question themselves, a simple why. For the individuals who ask how, here are four agreements that one may make with oneself. For if one were to break an agreement with oneself, what makes them possibly think that they are capable of staying true to an

Do What You Love

Another day at the office. Life could never be hard, Babylon they make it hard. - #JahCure Do what you love and #JaH will always provide, if you believe of course. @church_of_perch @beach_bummers_fl #LionOrder🦁 #BeachBummersFL #createmore #consumeless#LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH

Lapis Lazuli #LionCrystals

UPDATE: GIVEN TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of #royalty and honor. It was stated that the #Egyptian diety gods hair and eyes were made of Lapis Lazuli. Lapis represents power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. It works with the #ThroatChakra and encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality to the personality. Stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity. Lapis Lazuli assists to confront and speak one's truth and inspires confidence. DM if this


When we #forgive we are giving up our right to collect on a debt. “An #eyefor an eye will only make the whole #world blind,” said #Gandhi. When one no longer has the need for revenge, then one has forgiven. Have you forgiven another today? Have you forgiven yourself? #LionofJudahTruth #SitDownSerpent #forgiveness #loveconquersall


The ability to step outside of yourself and perform an act of selflessness: this is the foundation of#compassion. To be compassionate is to value others above yourself for the sole purpose of contributing to the greater good. What has one contributed today? #selfish vs #selfless #selflove #LionOfJudahTruth #clearwatersunsets #JaHLive #BeachBummersFL


#Integrity is the solidarity of our virtues; it is the quality by which we live out our values and prioritize our principles. It is the culmination of character in action. To act with integrity is to be a good human. Have you kept true with your integrity today or even in the past? If one has done wrong in the past, the present gives the opportunity to right those wrongs. For the future does not exist but it will exist and it will either be fruitful or barren due to ones actions in the now. #LionofJudahTruth #SitDownSerpent #LionOrder🦁 #TrinidadArtistry #Perch #BeachBummersFL #DunPhotoStudios #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #🦁✊🏽💚💛❤️

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