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Deep Rest

The word #depressed has truly been misconstrued and abused, as has everything else in these last days. For those who are so tired wearing the mask of social pleasing and fakeness. It is time to take it off. If a woman is older than 21 and still caking on make up to hide their natural beautiful features, then it is time to use less. If one is constantly grooming themself to appease the Jezebels that exist in society, it is time to take back their power. Balance in life is key and what one may not understand is how their actions affect the #collectiveconsciousness We all are part of humanity and #hoomans tend to forget this. We are all going through the same struggles, just with different p

Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You

Don't bite the hand that feeds you. SEPT 11 2019 = 2012 NEW YEAR #JudgementTime #FyahBunPopeGregory #LionofJudahTruth #RevelationTime #KingRobbie #FyahAhGoBun #LoveMotherEarth #StopRapeYourMotherChildren #TruthShallBeRevealed


#TrueQueen who is blessed and best REVOLT CARIBBEAN: STOP.NARCISSISM ⏫📚💡📱💻📻📺📡🌎 I'Ve been getting such positiVe & sincere feedbacK on the content I'Ve been sharing about #Narcissism & associated #PersonalityDisorders, it has truly enlightened Us to the fact that our CARIBBEAN people are unaware of this psychological conditioning. It's also helped to further my eXtensiVe research to eXplore methodologies of Healing & recoVery from the GENERATIONAL cycles of unhealthy societal norms that haVe had a debilitating impact on the progress of the CARIBBEAN's incredible talent oVer the years. I'll be sharing more helpful info in this arena, with the Prayer & Hope that these insights may help

Never Give Up, Never Give In (Shift Perspective)

JaH will ALWAYS give us everything that we need to succeed in this life. #Success is often associated erroneously with money though. Money is worthless and has been given a false sense of power. I see the younger generations of males associating money with the ability to do blasphemous acts. I see them discussing and posting about money giving them power to get anything they want, including the purchase of women. Women are not property and cannot be purchased. Only #Jezebels, the creator's worst enemy. The brainwashed victims of sexual abuse and vicious mental degradation. Those who have negated their creator and turned to the lower vibrations of animalistic thought processes rather than bei

Support A True Cause

Samples are in! Official Lion of Judah Rolling papers WITH Tips! . Available for order soon from . All materials are certified by FSC and more information can be found here. License Code FSC-C144192 #LionOrder🦁 #LionofJudahTruth #HempRollingPapers #BeachBummersFL#CannabisCures #NoTobacco #OrganicWeSay #MadeInSlovenia#RasTafariLives

Spices Devotional : Intuition & Guidance

🦁✊🏽💚💛❤ Reposted from @empressjeanille - SPiCED DEVOTIONAL: INTUITION & GUIDANCE 🌱🍅🍠🍲🍹✨📡🌎 GiVing opens the way for receiVing. In order to create actiVity in finances, one should giVe. Tithing or giVing one tenth of one's income is an old Jewish custom and is sure to bring increase. Many of the Richest men in the world haVe been tithers, it NEVER fails as an inVestment. The tenth part goes forth & returns, BLESSED & multiplied. But the gift or tithe MUST be giVen with LOVE & cheerfulness. <For GOD loVeth a cheerful giVer.> Bills should be paid cheerfully; ALL money should be sent forth fearlessly & with a BLESSING. This attitude of mind maKes man MasterOfMoney. It is his to obey a

Matthew 5:16 "Let Your Light So Shine"

Matthew 5:16 "🦁Let your light so shine." PRE-Order NOW @ . LIMITED QUANTITIES OF 1ST EDITION AVAILABLE. . #LionOrder🦁 #LionofJudahTruth #LionPaw #Matthew516 #RohshanArt#BruceGaltOriginal #ArmorOfJaH #LionofJudahOriginals #SitDownSerpent#RasTafariLives #🦁✊🏽💚💛❤️

Matthew 5:16 "Let your light so shine."

Matthew 5:16 "🦁Let your light so shine." PRE-Order NOW @ . LIMITED QUANTITIES OF 1ST EDITION AVAILABLE. . Each T-Shirt comes with a special GIFT. A personally wrapped Costume Gold Lion Crystal. . #LionOrder🦁 #LionofJudahTruth #LionPaw #Matthew516 #RohshanArt#BruceGaltOriginal #ArmorOfJaH #LionofJudahOriginals #SitDownSerpent#RasTafariLives #🦁✊🏽💚💛❤️

Blessings Pon Blessings

A magical night of upfull and high vibes. #SitDownSerpent#LionOfJudahTruth #CatCoore #12TribesUnite #NyahbinghiOrder #LionOrder🦁 #BoboAshanti #Vikings#Cubano #Jamaica #Trinidad #CurryDuck #Doubles #ThirdWorldReggae#ReggaeRiot #DunedinBrewery #RiseUpFoundation9

Performing with Cat Coore and Paul Young & The Reggae Riot

Paul Young Paul Young & the Reggae Riot Bunning down Babylon anywhere we go. Ultimate vibes with the ultimate band. Put your trust and faith in The Most High and your dreams will come to fruition, once you allow him to lead the way. Let JaH Rise and all his enemies scatter. The Lion of Judah is coming to #BunDownBabylon .com #NobodyBiggerThanJah #UndercoverRastaman .com Thank you Christi Clore for the beautiful footage and energy that you bring. Blessings pon blessings

Satan Going Down Acoustic Version feat. Perch

And it was written, thousands of years ago, that the Lion of Judah shall return Fyah ah go bun, yes it ago bun. Tell dem dat d Lion, yes the Lion has come Satan your going down, yes your going down Babylon ah tell yuh words, powers and sound Children Learn yuh P's and Q's better lace up yuh shoes Get ready fi go fight dis yah WAR Say the Babylon system ah rule for too long So the Lion him ah come like flaming star When the heathen sit down and dey face start frown Say we know war time is near Start prime up yuh self and RISE UP yuh health And prove to the Lion you care So dem light up dem rocket and say dem gone ah moon Yet they still cah touch the stars Kalonji chant propa

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