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Surviving a Sex Cult

shareinnsaei 🏳️W I N D S🌬💨UNSEEN🏳️ ——————————————————————— #HappyThanksGiving Day! A day to remember the fallen, and give thanks for what we have🙏#vegetarian 🌾🦃🌽 Prayer. This word always had an unorthodox meaning, to me. I remember somewhat clearly...the cult I was born into; The Family International, The Children of God, or “The Family” - as I knew it - would have cheery names that described experiences most take for granted such as prayer, family, love, faith, intimacy, and god. For example, there was something they called “The Cloud” where we children would gather on a big fluffy white blanket, usually dressed up in those lovely 90’s, poofy shoulders type dresses + tights, whe

Beach Bummers Royal Rock Back

When you need a proper #RockBack from #babylon @beach_bummers_fl will always sort it out with a RasTaMan Vibration and the deepest of iDitations. #LionofJudahTruth #ReeeaalllVibbbees (@get_regrann) - Vegan cabana was partially set up yesterday with @officiallionofjudah to catch a vibe....and it was caught.....come check us out if you need to find yourself and blow your own mind....#beachbummersfl .....#beachbummerssunsets ...#wevibeshavemorevibesthanyourvibes ...#islandersinc .....#bamboodesign.... - #regrann


SPiCED THERAPY : CONFIDENCE 💫🌱🍅🍋🍉🍇🍍☕🍲🍹🍰🇹🇹✨📡🌎 Now GO; I will help you speaK & will Teach you what to say. 📖:#EXODUS4:12 As a littleGirl, my parents neVer taught me NEVER to let anyone touch me inappropriately, I neVer Knew such behaVior eVen eXisted. Then one day at a Family gathering it started.. inappropriate talK from an "uncle" followed by his inappropriate touch & his forceful moVes on me. At 7YEARS old my whole world as I Knew it shattered. Scared out of myMIND confused out of mySOUL, I could feel it as the high walls around myHeart went UP. I Kept smiling playing & laughing throughout my childhood because I discoVered moreJOY in my time alone, reading, writing, listen

Akae Beka

🦁✊🏽💚💛❤ Your strength now resides within the ether. Reposted from @empressjeanille (@get_regrann) - 💫✨💫🇹🇹🇻🇮⏫📡🌍📖:#TheBOOKofENOCH>CHAPTER68:28-42 ..By this Oath the SUN&MOON complete their progress, NEVER swerVing from the command giVen to them FOREVER & EVER. By this Oath the stars complete their progress; And when their names are called, they return an answer, FOREVER & EVER. Thus in the HeaVens taKe place the blowings of the winds: ALL of them haVe breathings & effect a complete combination of breathings.There the Treasures of THUNDER are Kept & the splendour of the LIGHTNING. There are Kept the Treasures of hail & of frost, the Treasures of snow, the treasures of rain & of d

24 Tekemr 2012

24 Tekemr 2012 How grateful I and I have become to have even more than one listen. For it is truly humbling to see people not only listen to the creations but addtionally enjoying and sending positive messages of a simple thank you. I and I give thanks to all of those who took time to listen to these rough peices of art. For they are but a minimal part of something much grander and bigger. A universe within a universe, all dedicated to guiding, teaching and even providing shelter for ALL the children of Earth. It has been a plan logistically strategized for over 5 years with some of the wisest of council that I and I have ever crossed paths with. For they all know who they are and in the si

The Truth

How are those illusions and imaginations working out? For those who live in the real world, outside of the construct we know as society. It is far easier to see truth, live truth and be truth. For when one gets fed up and tired of repeating the same cycles, the same relationships, the same boring day, over and over again. This can only lead to depression and explosive mental break downs. One will start to question everything around them. As Iyesus Kristos stated "Seek and Ye Shall find". The issue lay in the lies that human beings are told from other human beings. It tends to stops one from questioning anything. One may tend to believe everyone, as one may not question others as trusting hum

225th Conquering Lion of The Tribe of JudaH

King of Kings, Lords of Lords, The 225th Conquering Lion from The Tribe of #YahudaH (JudaH) . Yehuda(Judas) #BUNDEM . Dare not confuse them. . #RasTafariLivesandReigns Reposted from @sabukie_lifeyard (@get_regrann) - King Alpha & Queen Omega World with out ending . On this Day November 2 1930. Psalm 110 verse 4 - 6 . The Lord has sworn and will not change his mind: “You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.” 5 The Lord is at your right hand;he will crush kings on the day of his wrath. 6 He will judge the nations, heaping up the dead and crushing the rulers of the whole earth. #Rastafari #AfrikaanGiant #powerofthetrinity🔯 - #🦁✊🏽💚💛❤ @ Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Trust The Process

#TrustTheProcess The problem with 98% of humanity nowadays is that they all want to be somebody. They all believe that they are here to be loved and cherished and everyone MUST do so. They all believe they have the answers to everything. They all believe they know more than everyone else. They all think because they ACT and PORTRAY themself as something on social media, it is what they will become. This is a lie. This is illusion. This is fallacy. This is imagination of the mind. This is THE #EGO. Yes, we are all here for a purpose. A reason. A soul mission to accomplish. I can ASSURE you, that it is not to take off one's clothes and flaunt the temple that JaH has given one to strangers and

KamRun "The Ancient" AuraDon

Keep doubting #TheLionTribeofJudaH There is no thing, nor one that is capable of stopping the force that JaH has put upon this Earth. We are here for a purpose. We are here for a reason. We are here to cleanse the indoctrinated peasantry within humanity. For one can never be born a peasant, only forced to be by the HU-MAN powers that exist. We will show you what Kings and Queens look like and act like. How to carry themselves with morals, values, integrity, standards, truths, honor and righteousness in the name of our creator, The Most High JaH. Dare not stand in our way, for many of you have attempted to belittle the knowledge that has been granted to us by The Most High JaH. Many of

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