Spices Devotional : Intuition & Guidance



Reposted from @empressjeanille - SPiCED DEVOTIONAL: INTUITION & GUIDANCE 🌱🍅🍠🍲🍹✨📡🌎
GiVing opens the way for receiVing. In order to create actiVity in finances, one should giVe. Tithing or giVing one tenth of one's income is an old Jewish custom and is sure to bring increase. Many of the Richest men in the world haVe been tithers, it NEVER fails as an inVestment. The tenth part goes forth & returns, BLESSED & multiplied. But the gift or tithe MUST be giVen with LOVE & cheerfulness. <For GOD loVeth a cheerful giVer.> Bills should be paid cheerfully; ALL money should be sent forth fearlessly & with a BLESSING. This attitude of mind maKes man MasterOfMoney. It is his to obey and his spoKen WORD then opens Vast reserVoirs of Wealth. Man himself limits his supply by his limited Vision. Sometimes the student has a Great realiZation of Wealth but is afraid to act. The Vision & Action MUST go hand in hand.

So often man goes for one thing and finds another. Intuition issa Spiritual faculty, it doesn't eXplain, it simply points the way. A person often receiVes a lead from an idea that may seem Quite irreleVant, but GOD's leadings are mysterious. 
One must alwayZ asK & giVe thanKs for #DiVineOrder to be established in your Mind, Body, SOUL & affairs. Congestion, chaos & disorder of things in your life/personal space/enVironment also causes congestion, chaos & disorder in your Mind, Body, SOUL & affairs. People don't realiZe how much their affairs affect their body..
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