Clean Up Your Act Facebook/Instagram

@Instagram @facebook You are the epitome of hypocrisy, filth and peasantry. You give @pornhub a voice and a space to promote their filth while children innocently watch. You justify this behaviour? You deny me my posts of help to guide others to truth because it goes against your narcissistic programmings of self indulgence and pornography? It seems as if you block my words of truth so you can poison the minds of the youths. You are the problem due to your greed and egoical mental lack of overstanding. You will be held accountable for your crimes and you shall not walk away from these atrocities. For years we have been building our case on your forum. You are full of pedophilia and slackness. All in the name of WHAT?! Money? When you are forced to look into the eyes of the victims that you have had a hand in, that will be your burden to bear. Your company disgust me. What level of intelligence is required to work at your company? As of now, it seems as if you are all sick and twisted individuals with an agenda to silence TRUTH and promote peasantry. Your verdicts are in. You are lost and your scale has been weighed, you have been found wanted by The Most High. #SitDownSerpent #TheDevilIsNotWelcomeHyah #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #AllShallBeRevealedin2020 #AllShallBeHeldAccountable #RasTafariLives

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